College Students

College Students
No campus security is as effective as Spartan Pepper Spray.

On The Go

On The Go
Your life is hectic enough without worrying about your personal protection.


With Spartan Pepper Spray there is no fear of two legged or four legged dog.


Parking lot and parking garage fear is a thing of the past with Spartan Pepper Spray.

Each Year in the U.S. There are Over 5 Million Attacks

There are many people that love to exercise, be it running, jogging or walking, but have a fear of being attacked by thugs or bitten by a dog. Prevention of this fear is one of the many reasons that Spartan Pepper Spray is a great device. It is light weight , durable and simply slips over the hand and straps to your wrist. You never have to worry about it falling off your hand, it literally attaches to your body.
Stun guns, tasers and other pepper spray devices are either too cumbersome or not easily accessible, SPARTAN PEPPER SPRAY, is protection at your fingertips.


Our state of the art pepper spray device has many unique advantages over other security products on the market therefore enhancing your personal safety.

These advantages are why so many people say our product is the best pepper spray device on the market today. These unique advantages include:

  • Durable construction resulting in increased longevity of your device.
  • Freedom of movement to use your hands and engage in various activities while still having the capability to protect yourself (i.e., carrying books around campus, unloading groceries or exercising).
  • Securely attaches to hand and wrist assuring a reliable and accurate dispensing mechanism that won’t be displaced during movement or attack.

Facts About Spartan Pepper Spray

  • 0.21 ounces with approximately
  • 8 bursts at
  • 6-8 feet in a cone spray pattern with
  • a point of aim to the center of face.
  • Shelf life 3yrs.
  • Raw SHU 5,300,000OC
  • 2%Dilution 98%
  • Net SHU 106,000

Why Buy This Pepper Spray Device?

Why do we only sell this style pepper spray device at Spartan Pepper Spray? After a lot of research and reviews, we found 84% of people that carry some form of personal protection (keychain pepper spray, taser, knife, gun, stick, keys) either have it knocked away in an attack, fumble for it and drop it, or can’t find it in time. With other personal safety devices, you can not ask the attacker to give you a minute so you can pull it out of your bag. Or wherever you have it clipped on, you then have to flip up one safety, turn the handle on the seconded safety, make sure you have it aimed at the attacker, and then press. That is just too much. Spartan pepper spray is simply the best pepper.