Spartan Personal Safety Academy – A Simple, Affordable Solution to Keep You and Your Family Safe!

What you will learn

Risk reduction strategies to help discourage potential threats.How to protect yourself at a safe distance.The best self defense technique to escape an attacker.How to protect yourself during high stress encounters. The best techniques to deploy pepper spray safely and effectively
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Spartan Personal Safety and Civilian Self Defense Awareness Manual, Spartan Defense Spray, Survivor Skills for Smart Living Certificate of Completion Classroom Time + Hands On Training

Who Will Benefit from this Class?

Everyone can benefit from this class.
College Students…. Business Travelers . . . Real Estate Agents ….. Commuters…. Retirees . . . Nurses . . .Couples Runners…..Walkers. . . Wait Staff. . Homemakers . . . Singles . . . Bartenders . . . Your Loved Ones Managers . . . Women . . . Men. . . Your Children…. If you work with strangers, this class is certainly for you. Men? Absolutely! Whether you’re a male or female, even if you have proficient self defense skills, why go hands on when you can possibly avoid an attack or defend yourself from a distance? Carry a cell phone? Maybe you’ll have time to call the police, but it could take several minutes for them to arrive! You must be at least 18 years old to attend.

If you are ready to for a different form of personal safety and self defense training.